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Wahai Pencinta Tupperware di luar sana...Kenapa bayar LEBIH untuk mendapatkan barang yang kita sukai..

Let's join me as Tupperware Member..AND
Enjoy membership discount!!!!

What are the perks of becoming a Tupperware member?
- Get to purchase all Tupperware Brands products at a discounted price (except nett price items).
- Earn commission and team bonus.
- Vouchers
- Inspira magazine (Tupperware very own magazine)
- Trips, dinner
- Lifetime membership * inactive membership (no purchases made for 2 straight years) will be cancelled

So are you game for it? If yes kindly email me at finizaini@gmail.com with your information as below & I will direct you the payment information.

To join as member here’s what you need to do:
1. Pay RM70 for Tupperware Starter kit. You’ll receive the below items:


RM280 for either one of these:
1. Treasure Box
2. NaturCare Wellness Pack

 Email me your particulars as below:

Name as in IC
Preferred Name on Authority Card
IC no.
Race: Malay/Chinese/Indian/Others
Date of Birth
Language Preferred: Malay/English/Mandarin
Postal Address
Mobile phone/house phone/office phone

Spouse’s information (if you’re married):

Name of Spouse
IC no.
Race: Malay/Chinese/Indian/Others
Date of Birth
3. Email me a scanned copy of your identity card (front and back) – new regulation

4. Place a minimum order of RM150.00 (retail price). Remember to include the product name and quantity.
* Membership discount will be applied right away.

Note: Member card & Inspira magazine will be delivered to your home from Tupperware HQ.

If you have any question don’t hesitate to contact me, FINI -  0122618636

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