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You Are Never Too Young To Have Heart Disease

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Plz..plz read this...Very good info for us...Zaman sekarang dh mcm2 pnyakit ade..KLu dlu sakit dikaitan ngn org tua..tp zman sekarang..org muda pn bleh kna heart attack tau..Tetiba je kdg kita dgr sipolan sipolan tu tetiba collape..tetiba tumbang...Nauzubillah..mintak dijauhkn dr kita..Yerr..ajal maut ditangan Allah..tp kita sbg hambanya mestilah berusaha sehabis baik mnjad khalifah dibumi Allah ini...Andai maut sudah dtg menjemput kita xbleh lari lg..Tp sudah cukup kah amalan kita?sudah terbelakah nasib2 waris2 yg kita tinggalkan?bagaimna pula hutang piutang yg ditinggal kn..so...Ingat ye kwn2..Diri kita adalah kita yg mnjaganya..SAYANGI LAH DIRI ANDA....

Thursday, October 14th, 2010 , The Malay Mail

QUESTION: My close friend was admitted to the hospital with a heart attack recently. It was a shock to me and my friends as he was the football captain of our school and has always been very active. Furthermore, he is only 34 years of age. Isn't he too young to have a heart attack? How then do you explain this?

ANSWER: There are many risk factors for getting coronary heart disease (CHD) - family history, old age, diabetes, hypertension, abnormal cholesterol levels, lack of exercise and smoking, to name a few. Any one of them can increase your risk of having CHD and if you have more than one, the risk is even higher.
CHD used to be a disease of the elderly but off late, it has not been very discriminatory. The young are now affected more than ever before

Just to illustrate my point, a few weeks ago, a 32-year-old man was rushed to the Emergency Room with a heart attack. He was a worker at the wet market and was as fit as a fiddle without an ounce of fat on his body. His only risk factor for CHD was that he smoked heavily.

Not long after that, a 27-year-old man was brought in with a massive heart attack. He was a diabetic with high cholesterol, and guess what? He also smoked!

So it is not unusual for your friend to suffer from a heart attack at 34. For the record, my youngest patient with a heart attack was a 24-year-old man when I was working at the University of Malaya.

What is the main reason behind the change in the trend? You cannot really blame bad genes as they are pretty much the same going from one generation to another. What has changed dramatically is the lifestyle that we lead. We eat too much and often the wrong food. We don't exercise enough, if at all. We let tobacco and alcohol rule our lives. We don't watch our weight, blood pressure and cholesterol level. And we are so under stress!

A person may appear fit and healthy but if he smokes and opts to have food high in saturated fat and sugar, he runs the risk of getting CHD.

However young a person is, if he has the risk factors for CHD, he should pay a visit to his doctor. Heart disease or any disease for that matter, does not look at your MyKad to determine your birthdate before choosing its victim.


Sayangilah diri anda dan org disekeliling anda...

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